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'Fashion does not help people, it does not give back to the community', these are the words I usually encounter when I tell people I want to join the fashion industry. For me that is not the case not even close yet this assumption seems to exist in an overwhelming majority.


Many people don't see value to fashion because it doesn't directly support the community, it won't change housing facilities, it won't cure diseases and it won't end world hunger. But under no circumstances does that insinuate that it is not life changing.


In our lives we don't have control over much. We don't choose our height, our parents, life is unpredictable in so many ways. But one thing we do have control over is how we choose to represent ourselves, how we choose to be perceived. We speak proudly and loudly about ourselves through our sense of style. Our outfits speak volumes when we are left speechless. We don't get to choose whether people like us or not but we do get to choose the way we are perceived and there is no other way to do so than through our style.


Fashion does not change the world as directly as engineering, its affect is indirect and grand. Clothes are valuable in everything that we do, with sports we need to wear certain fabrics, fire fighters need special outfits. Whatever we choose as a career our outfits are integral. Outfits are overlooked because they are around us all the time making it easy for us to forget their value.


Beyond that, fashion provides confidence. An outfit you put on allows you to completely transform yourself and as such the way you act. if you're afraid you can put on a certain outfit and pretend you're someone else. Whether you notice it or not your outfits can transform you in every aspect of your life you can think of. So while outfits don't build houses they do make up the person who builds those houses. To an extent it is the power that transforms the people behind the revolution.


Fashion is overlooked in terms of societal, political and economic power because it is associated with being vain and shallow. In fact it is actually shallow and vain to overlook something artistic. Art is what touches the soul, what creates inspiration and what can truly move people. It's effect may not be as obvious as that of other fields but the only reason it's not is because its results are internal and not external, the results are grand but invisible.

By Yara Kair

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