The first UCL Sustainable Fashion Show!


This December, UCL MODO fashion society is bringing you a unique celebration where creativity will meet responsibility. As we all know, the clock is ticking and every day counts towards the impact that can be made to improve the state of our planet. The fashion industry is a major polluter with overproduction and waste being only a couple of its many flaws. You can help us limit this impact by supporting the movement of sustainable fashion and raising awareness of its potential. In our December show, we will be showcasing UCL’s best designers’ and guests brands unique, recycled and upcycled, sustainable collections. Expect an inspirational night where you will not only be told but shown that there are ways to fix the fashion industry before the countdown ends. 
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Date: 6th of December 2017

Venue: SOAS University Senate House


Annual MODO Fashion Show 2018


Our famous Annual Fashion Show came back this year and was more mesmerizing than ever. After working tirelessly for weeks on end and devoting everything to their creations, UCL's best designers were finally able to show what they were capable of, and what indeed! From the timelessly graceful pieces detailed and embroidered to perfection, to the bold, striking collections representing a modernity which demanded to be acknowledged, no collection failed to impress.

The evening was all about fashion, finesse and the freedom to express oneself through design and creation. We were lucky enough to also have a special live band performance by VIOLETS, a live DJ and an afterparty to celebrate everyone's hard work having paid off! Once again, a large sum was raised and donated to Create, a brilliant charity which strives to establish better futures for disadvantaged people through creativity and art.

Date: 1st of March 2018

Venue: St Mary's (Church Building), Wyndham Place, York Street, London, W1H 1PQ

Photographer: Arthur Karamazov

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